Erik Richardson

First of all, thank you for visiting my site. It means a lot. I hope you find it helpful or leave a little inspired. The mountains are a truly special place. Everyone has a different reason why they climb. I want them to define my character, to have experiences in the mountains be the force that shape my person. I find no greater satisfaction or reward than that which comes from facing challenges and fears on our great peaks. I want to push the limit of my potential. Each step of the journey from ideation and planning to execution and reflection require deep, committed involvement that ignites my passion. I appreciate the limitlessness to the knowledge available in these environments. I am an aspiring ski alpinist. It is my dream to combine the skill sets of steep skiing, alpine mixed climbing and high altitude expedition planning to form an intricate relationship with the mountains. It is a lifetime’s effort. One which I hope will take me around the World, to the most beautiful places in my own backyard and that will introduce me to inspired people who share a similar ambition.

Born and raised in the PNW, I grew up skiing at Stevens Pass. A love for the mountains, which I now hold so dear, was instilled at an early age. Every year, I couldn’t wait for winter. I felt at home in the mountains. This is a sentiment that never died. Each day that I spent taking lessons, exploring the vast terrain of Red Mountain, Stevens Pass and Whistler or competing on the Freeride Qualifying Tour, drove deeper the inescapable connection that brings me peace and sanctity. I attended the University of Washington and discovered a second passion for gene therapy. I now lead gene therapy R&D teams for biotech companies. It will never exceed my passion for the mountains but it is a worthy, intellectual and strategic challenge. It was during those college years that I made my first ascent and ski descent of Mount Hood with Asit Rathod. It was this day, sitting in my truck, fighting off convulsions from the effort, that I knew I wanted to be a ski mountaineer. I spend some days mountain biking, traveling, at metal shows or ski movie premiers, but I’d always rather be in the far reaches of the wilderness chasing peaks and dreams.

Performance Stats

Alpine grade: Grade IV

Trad rock lead: 5.10a

Trad rock follow: 5.10d

WI lead: WI4

WI follow: WI6

Sport rock lead: 5.10c

Sport rock follow: 5.10d

Snow climb: 60 degrees

Snow ski: 53 degrees

Elevation: Aconcagua 22,841 ft/6,962m

Avalanche: AIARE Level 1